Horse Riding Safety Tips

Did you know that horse back riding is one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries (TBI)? In fact, horseback riding accounts for nearly half (approximately 45%) of all head traumas, and leads to numerous other types of injuries and hospital visits as well.


Grifs wants you to stay safe! These majestic creatures are beautiful, but they are also powerful. Here are some tips to follow to help keep you and your family safe: The number ONE way to avoid TBI is to wear a helmet.


Here are some more tips to help keep you and your family safe:



  • 11 Reasons Not to Wear a Helmet – The Spruce Common myths about wearing a helmet while horse back riding.

  • Safety Rules Around Horses – Horse & Rider Magazine – Great tips for novices and kids.

  • Equestrian Safety – Brainline – Test your safety IQ, get helpful info on preventing injuries, and find out warning signs of serious injuries.

  • Spotting a Concussion – Centers for Disease Control – Would you be able to spot a concussion? Here are the warning signs.

  • Safety Rules and Precautions – Suwanee River Youth Livestock Show – Sprains, Fractures, Concussion, Oh My! Here are a few tips to practice for safe horse back riding and jumping.


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